Furniture Mould


Mould Name: Folding Chair mould

Mould Size: 1640*1190*790mm

Plastic raw material: PP+15%GF

Mould cavity: 1+1+1 cavity

Suitable machine: 1000T   

Mould steel: Core and Cavity as a insert German Thyseen 1.2738HH, Prehard HRC33-38 ;Sliders Germany Thyssen 1.2343, HRC48-52

Ribs area in the core be used AMPCO;

LKM Mould Base P20,

HASCO Mould standard spare parts

Mould life: 1,000,000 shots

Mould Injection system: YUDO 1 valve gate

Mould Ejection system: ejector pins + 3 AHP hydraulic cylinders

Mould running: Automatic

Mould features: 2 plates mould

Mould Injection cycle time: 35seconds

Delivery time: 70 days for T1 ssamples

  • Folding Chair mould 03

  • Folding Chair mould 02

  • Folding Chair mould 01

  • furniture_07

  • furniture_06

  • furniture_05

  • furniture_04

  • furniture_03

  • furniture_02

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