Mould Process Flow

The procedures and steps of Mould process

Sign the contract -> Mould design->Mould making->Mould test and improving->Mould delivering -> Inquiry -> Quote -> Counter offer -> Reach an agreement and sign contract

Mould design

2D drawings

3D mould design

After mould design be approved by customer, we will do the mould process schedule before start to do the mould

Mould making

Step 1. Order steel  & mould base

Step 2. Fly-cutting

Step 3. Deep drilling

Step 4. CNC process

Step 5. heat treatment

Step 6. High-speed Engrave

Step 7. Wire-cutting

Step  8. EDM

Step 9. Polish

Step10. Mould assembly

T1 test

After T1 test, We will send 2-3 shots samples to customer by express

After T1 test, we will send Injection report to customer.

After T1 test, we will send the customer Dimension report

Mould improving

Tryout again
Final approval by customer

Mould delivering

The finished Mould is sprayed with a rust inhibitor , and be packed by wooden cases , waiting for shipment .

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